Friday Art Links

by - September 28, 2012

I am going to start doing a post of links to check out. Most blogs, writers do something similar, a weekly roundup, top five of the week, etc. I thought I would share what caught my eye for whatever reason during the week. Because you need to know what I think is interesting.

If you have an interesting link, let me know. Maybe I will add it to the list.

They may not all be art related. I am interested in a wide-range of things.

We definitely need something like this in one of our restaurants. Something on a much larger scale than what Bari and Three Angels have done, but they are getting close. Click here for the WSJ Article.

Wade Guyton is in NYT getting ready for his show at the Whitney. It gives all you kids in small TN towns hope. Don't forget about Josh Smith, however. Click here for the NYT article. 

Poor Tim Duncan. The NBA player I hate the most. What will he do now the NBA is considering penalizing flopping my players? By players, I mean Duncan.  Click here to read the ESPN article.

It turns out someone found a Renoir at a WV flea market. It also turns out that the painting was stolen over 60 years ago. Will the woman who found it have to give it back to the Baltimore Museum? Isn't there a time limit to claim such things, like when you find a bag of money on the street the original owners have 90 days to make a claim? There should be and this woman should be able to sale the painting. Click here to read the NPR story, with links to other interesting articles about the find.

I am still obsessed with Mark Flood. Click here to see work from his current show at Zach Feuer. 

Here is an article I wrote for the flyer about the Art of Science show tonight. Click here to read it. 

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