Colin McLain and Mayme Kratz at David Lusk

by - September 18, 2012

This month the David Lusk Gallery has Colin McLain and Mayme Kratz. You still have about two week to check out these exhibitions. The shows run till September 29th.

Mayme Kratz uses seeds incased in resin in her work. Resin is a tricky material to work with. Every time I see or hear of an artist using resin, all I can think of is cancer. But, she uses the material seamlessly, cancer or not.

Below are some examples of McLain's work. The exhibition title A.D. (for Durer) is a reference to famed Northern Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer. I always admired Durer. He was cocky enough to do all these self-portraits because he thought he was all important and stuff. 

Here are some self-portraits from Durer...

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