The Secret Sculpture Garden

by - May 18, 2012

Click here to visit the Kickstarter site for additional info on this interesting project. 

They are VERY close to their goal! Be sure to watch the video! Below is an excerpt from the site.

Did you know that Memphis has a terrible blight problem? There are currently over 8000 vacant or condemned lots throughout our city. Many of the owners of these lots will not step forward due to tax liens and therefore the city is responsible for their cleanup/upkeep. The result is a substantial financial cost to the city, and an even greater emotional cost for the residents surrounding these properties. My name is Thomasin Durgin, I'm an artist and I've decided to do something - and I need your help!
In early March I purchased a vacant residential lot in the Speedway Terrace neighborhood of Memphis for the purpose of establishing a community art space. I've dreamed of creating the Secret Sculpture Garden for ten years now and while I initiated the project I am not working alone - the 50' x 150' lot is slowly being filled with stone pathways, benches, flowers, and sculpture made by local artists and neighborhood children. I have partnered with several Memphis businesses that have offered free materials and services. We are working for the art and for the community, from the ground up, because we can.

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