Carl Moore and Melissa Dunn at L Ross Gallery

by - May 31, 2012

Carl Moore

Melissa Dunn 

Carl Moore and Melissa Dunn:  I Can See Your House From the  Highway
L Ross Gallery, 5040 Sanderlin
Opening reception: June 1, 6-8
Show runs through June 30
More details:

The title of this show speaks to the shared experience of making art in the same community and how artists communicate by bearing witness to each other’s process and evolution, even when the intention of their work is differe...nt.

Moore’s process of development is to combine complex content such as social and economic conditions with simple forms of figurative imagery and surrealistic metaphors to build a narrative between the art and the viewer, while Dunn pulls her abstractions from an inner world that is closely linked to the basic visual elements of the physical world.

Moore just graduated with and MFA from the Memphis College of art and Dunn was recently the featured artists of the Mallory Wurzburger exhibit at the Dixon. 

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