Semiotics & Simulacra at PLA(I)N(E) Gallery

by - April 19, 2012

This is PLA(I)N(E) gallery's last opening of the semester, come support some of U of M's foundations 2 students!

PLA(I)N(E) gallery is excited to announce its fourth exhibition- "Semiotics & Simulacra," a visual exploration of signifiers, meaning, processes and materials. Students look at how denotative meaning of a signifier is intended to communicate the objective semantic content of the represented thing, and how connotation puts a denotative sign in use for a particular purpose in a context. Reception Fri. 4/20 5-8 PM. Exhibition will run 4/16-5/4. PLA(I)N(E) is the new, student-run gallery at the University of Memphis, and is located in the Art and Communication Building, 3715 Central Ave, room 100. [Like] the PLA(I)N(E) gallery on Facebook for more information.

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