Inked Out - The Problem Solved?

by - April 06, 2012

The article linked below references the fact that tattoo artist Babak Tabatabai was initially denied his request to have Broad Ave rezoned to allow him to open his tattoo shop next door to Three Angels Diner. 

Click here to read the article in the Memphis Flyer by Louis Goggans. 

Well, it seems that the Board of Adjustments reversed their decision yesterday and Tabatabai was notified.  Now, the code must be changed first with the Land Use control board, then the City Council and so on. It will take a few months. In the mean time, the Planning Director of Memphis needs your help in the form of letters. Hand written and/or emails. Anyone who signed this petition needs to send an email to the Planning Director voicing their support to change the code. Please direct all correspondence to: 

Josh Whitehead
Office of Planning and Development
125 N Main ste 468
Memphis, TN 38103

Send them in now, at this second. Show your support!! 

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  1. Are the letters to advocate A)a variance specific to Babak's shop, B)re-zone to allow tattoos anywhere on Broad, or C)re-zone without any restriction on tattoo shops/psychics, massage parlors, etc?

  2. It would be to change the code to allow tattoo shops in all commercial zoning districts.

  3. I like the idea of people getting neck tattoos in Saddle Creek.

  4. Neck tattoos maybe, but that shop in Saddle Creek would make a killing from all the girls getting Kappa Delta tattoos!