Tad Lauritzen Wright: In the Studio

by - March 27, 2012

In my new work I am aligning myself with the “New Casualist” abstract painters while maintaining my long relationship to Southern Visionary art. The pieces are as much about managing failure as success. It takes weeks before I know if a painting is working.  Things appear to happen over night when the work in actuality comes into being over months. The aesthetic reward is challenging if not completely absent at times.  I am exhibiting the casualness of the sketchbook expanded into the studio.  Attempting to make something interesting that uses the figure, as a passage into abstraction while embracing mistakes and managing a resolved final result has become the main concern of the paintings and drawings. The subjects of the paintings while present are of little concern.  They function as a way to engage composition.  I am not completely engaged in my own work unless I have a recognizable form that I can anchor to.  I consider these pieces experiments in abstraction.  Experiments with color intentionally approach uncomfortable relationships attempted to be forced into balance.   Materials are completely open to what the paintings ask for to find their completion.  Various types of paints, markers, and textures collect to present the weight the paintings ask for.  The paintings are cheap, elegant, considered, and casually approached all at the same time.  Flaws are exposed intentionally, and self-consciously. These works stand to challenge the idea of “good painting”, offering something beyond.

Mose Tolliver, an example of Southern Visionary.

Pattrick Brennan, an example of New Casualist

Tad Lauritzen Wright's studio

Tad's work can be seen at lauritzenwright.com

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