Rehema Barber Lecture at MCA

by - March 28, 2012

Rehema Barber
Bridging the Divide Between East and West: Reflections on Contemporary Art in Japan

Thursday March 29
Callicott, 7 pm

Rehema Barber is an Independent Curator, Museum Consultant, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Memphis and a part-time lecturer at MCA.  She was invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation  - these invitations are based on recommendations from noted curators in the field and previous participants. Barber was invited on the recommendation of Franklin Sirmans, Contemporary Art Curator at LACMA. Attendees selected to participate came from a variety of museums such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, Guggenheim Foundation, Abu Dhabi Project, MOCA Cleveland, Minneapolis Institute of Art, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Museum of Modern Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, Performa and PublicArt Fund.

The purpose of this project is to invite to Japan a group of approximately ten curators interested in contemporary art from various parts of the United States to encourage their better understanding of and deeper interest in the current state of Japanese contemporary art and culture through visiting and observing museums, galleries, and/or artists’ studios. The tour gives them a chance to build networks with Japanese curators and will contribute significantly to the advancement of exhibition projects and exchange programs between the two countries. 

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