Art Critical Couplets by David Hall

by - March 27, 2012

David Douglas’ portraits offer lots of kicks
Gumball-hued pastel and Picasso’s bag of tricks
Jesus’ tender mercy drawn with loving hand
Every stick in the box renders Technicolor bland

Saturated pigments Long-Postal’s molten wax
Red rose beryl gold lapis bottomless blacks
Emerald cut jewels lucent achromatic ice
Encaustic’s stock bathos presents the only latent vice

Hundreds of sketchbooks Rozelle Artist Guild dangled
Mobs perusing entries both spartan and spangled
From one to the next dodging bodies unthwarted
Until abrupt flight after somebody farted

Impasto swathes meander dusky fields of Rector 
Acrid they seethe each shimmering like a specter
Excluding sundry palettes glibly fitting any wall 
Such conveys the suite generally one and all

Koeppel spilled the ink on the Comstock show
Reflections spot-on if you really want to know
Getting a review is better than not
But preferably the kind the Butcher joint got

Donald Judd rip off or silly cornpone antics 
Horizontal bars scrawled-on lowbrow semantics
Butcher with Nutbush watermelon seed spitting
Good ole boy does good shtick still unremitting 

Maneuvering in the works for an Eggleston museum
Mounting art world cache local yokels carpe diem
Forgive a humble proposal to augment the design   
With a red-ceilinged juke joint stocking beer and wine 

Any remark expressed states simply one opinion
Assessments of art pierce a purely subjective dominion 
Detractors and kin please don’t hunt me like a predator
Pen a crank letter to this publication’s editor

David Douglas: “Experiments in Color”
Gallery Fifty-Six

Mary Long-Postal
David Perry Smith Gallery

Robert Rector
David Lusk Gallery
March 6-31, 2012

David Comstock: It's Not All Black and White
LRoss Gallery
February 1-28, 2012

Dwayne Butcher
David Lusk Gallery
March 6-31,2012

Third Annual Project Sketchbook 
Powerhouse Gallery

Fredric Koeppel Art Reviews
Dynamic paintings celebrate abstraction 

Butcher contemplates his place in world

Move Over Graceland! Memphis to Build William Eggleston Museum

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